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What Are The Ways To Prevent The Rust Of Metal Lockers?
- Aug 04, 2017 -

  What are the ways to prevent the rust of metal lockers? Metal lockers are items for the cabinet, the major enterprises are selected metal lockers and steel lockers based. For the maintenance of steel wardrobe need to understand some of the methods. What are the ways to prevent the rust of metal lockers? The following Xiaobian to tell you how to do to prevent the metal lockers rust.

  What are the ways to prevent rust from metal lockers?

  Metal lockers placed in a space easy to dry and dark, moist environment easy to make metal storage cabinet surface powder off the lead to rust, plastic powder sensitive to ultraviolet light, easy to fade affect the appearance.

  What are the ways to prevent rust from metal lockers?

  1: can be used to clean the wet cloth, and then wipe the water with a dry cloth, easy to clean part of the first toothpaste can be used after cleaning.

  2: The easy way to restore the glossy metal lockers is to add a little vinegar in hot water, and then soft with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar, do not be too hard, otherwise it will damage the paint.

  3: take paint protection or spray wax rust. Spray wax is sprayed on the surface of the metal lockers a layer of wax protective film, so that the metal surface and moisture isolation, so as to achieve the purpose of rust. This method is simple to use, clear the need for hot water cleaning, safety and environmental protection is a one-time anti-rust materials.

  4: manufacturers in the production of metal lockers when you can choose to add water feet nail to improve the use of the cabinet time!

  5: to prevent the metal locker rust, you must arrange the relevant staff often take care of the inspection, such as the beginning of the rusty situation, it is necessary to spray paint to protect the wardrobe cabinet body!

  Note that the above points can be more effective in preventing the generation of rusty metal lockers. Of course, the prevention of metal lockers rust is the words, the premise is that if the quality of good products, if it is a low-quality lockers, no matter how the prevention, or will be a short time to scrapped off.

  Everyone in the purchase of metal lockers, there are three to see: First, look at the thickness of the locker material; the second is to look at the internal structure of metal lockers; three is to see the metal lockers accessories. Specific how to see it, we have a relevant introduction on the website, we can log in view.